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Dwellings Issue XV: Upper East Side

Customer: Ellen

Occupation: Executive Assistant at Refinery 29

Lived in Apartment: 2 years

FG Regular: 2 years

FG Discovery Story: A simple online search for “independent furniture stores in NYC”¬† [that’ll do it ūüėČ ]

Favorite FG Purchase: Asian Lacquered Trapezoidal Bookcase

It’s been a while since we featured the apartment of an FG regular, but we’re back at it and more excited than ever! Ellen began shopping at Furnish Green when she moved into her Upper East Side apartment 2 years ago. With no distinct design style in mind, she based her purchasing around functionality. In these tiny NYC apartments, everything has to serve a purpose, and Ellen has managed to curate her space thoughtfully in a way that combines minimalist and utilitarian aesthetic with vintage charm. She has accrued a great mix of pieces; the Atomic and Rustic styles are well-represented with metal and wood as the main materials, and there’s a focus on lines and angles that flows throughout the place. Ellen’s home feels cozy yet orderly and displays an artful attention to detail. Check it out!

We hope you enjoyed this installment of our Dwellings series! Stay tuned for future posts, and email us at for a chance to have your space featured!




Dwellings Issue X: Turtle Bay


My name is Marielle, and while you may know me as¬†a Furnish Green employee, I’m a Furnish Green regular customer as well, which is probably to be expected… I’ve always loved vintage furniture. Growing up with my mom, who is an avid garage-saler and thrift store shopper, made¬†me¬†feel right at home at¬†Furnish Green from the beginning.

I’ve lived in Midtown East Manhattan for about 3 years in a neighborhood known as Turtle Bay, and after working at FG for 2 years, I’ve acquired a good bit of stuff.¬†My apartment¬†is small, but the ceilings are high and it’s on the fifth floor of a walk-up building so it’s a pretty pleasant bright space.


As far as my design style goes, I definitely have a tendency toward¬†the feminine and ornate with a serious¬†focus¬†on (possible obsession with)¬†flowers… alive, dried, painted… you get the point.


Lampshade turned jewelry display and organization.

It’s a girly space, but I like to think that I haven’t gone overboard. I’ve recently started incorporating a bit of brass to offset the wood and upholstered pieces, particularly in my living room, i.e. the bold brass and glass coffee table and the compact and convenient brass record rack.



More FG stuff: The stained glass swag lamp above my kitchen island (featured above) is definitely one of my favorite, and earliest acquired, FG items. The rustic wooden clothing rack in my bedroom (featured below) was a necessary addition to the apartment, considering my rapidly growing wardrobe and the limitations of only one closet.


Since working at Furnish Green and getting a chance to see all of the furniture styles that are out there, I’ve become¬†more selective about what I like and what works in my home. There are definitely some pieces that I’m looking to replace, but it’s nice to be able to wait it out and find just the right fit.



I hope you enjoyed getting a brief glimpse into my home! Stay tuned for future posts, and email us at for a chance to have your space featured!

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