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Dwellings Issue #16: East Village

Customer: Clarisse

Occupation: Psychiatric Nurse

Lived in Apartment: 1.5 years

FG Regular: 4 years

FG Discovery Story: A simple Google search

Favorite FG Purchase: Olivetti-Underwood Lettera 22 Typewriter

In the heart of the East Village, Clarisse’s compact studio apartment is a uniquely cool space. It features a quirky mix of industrial and medical style furnishings combined with vibrant pops of color. Though the place is small and every nook is filled, Clarisse has managed to make her home feel lived-in and curated without being cluttered or overwhelming. She’s been shopping with us for going-on 4 years, and has just about completely furnished her space Furnish Green. As a psychiatric nurse, she has gravitated toward medical equipment, decor and furnishings, giving the space a distinct edge. The full-size anatomical skeleton is both a welcoming and slightly creepy presence in the apartment while assorted retro owl figurines can be spotted keeping a secure watch from all angles.

Clarisse’s favorite FG find is a muted blue typewriter, specifically the Olivetti-Underwood Lettera 22 from the 1950s. She purchased this piece for the express purpose of writing a book, and that’s exactly what she did! “Bedtime Stories,” Clarisse’s book of poetry, was motivated by her collection of vintage photographs. Each photograph featured in the book is accompanied by a vignette of imagined dialogue. Hitting notes of hilarity and heartbreak on each page, the choice of photographs and way with words seems to be a further extension of the keen curatorial eye evident in her home.

We think Clarisse’s self-described love of “old stuff” is beautifully expressed in both her home and her book. Check ’em out!

We hope you enjoyed this installment of our Dwellings series! Stay tuned for future posts, and email us at for a chance to have your space featured!


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