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Product Spotlight: Paperbacks Galore!

E-books may be incredibly convenient, but there’s nothing in the world like curling up under a blanket or sitting out on the beach with a paperback book. We’ve recently gotten a wide range of paperbacks from the 50s, 60s, and 70s into the showroom and had to share just a few of the gems on the blog here.

“Men tremble at the sight of Modesty Blaise. Out of lust…and out of fear. She can break a man’s heart — or his neck — with equal ease.”

“With a keen eye for big money and magnificent women, financial wizard Bill Hitchcock manipulates international futures and astronomical fortunes from the most powerful spots of the world — New York, Washington, Saudi Arabia, and finally, the Shah of Iran’s fabulous chalet at St. Moritz.”

“WIFEY is tired of chicken on Wednesdays and sex on Saturdays. This morning the mysterious motorcycle flasher revealed himself to WIFEY and brought her frustrations into rigid focus! WIFEY sees her wildest fantasies taking flight, and WIFEY has an itchy — and uncontrollable — urge to catch up to them!”


So next time you’re looking for something to read on the subway, stop by Furnish Green. We’ve got a wide array of classy and trashy options, fiction and nonfiction, most for only $1 or $2.

Fun Furniture Fact #15: Kem Weber

Karl Emanuel Martin Weber, a key player in the introduction of American Modernism on the West Coast, laid the groundwork for the casual California modernism of the 1950s and 1960s.

Weber, originally from Germany, traveled to San Francisco in 1914 for a building project and was stranded in the United States at the onset of WWI. After struggling to find work, he went on to work as a designer for Barker Brothers. However, his main success came as he began designing tubular steel seating for Lloyd Manufacturing Company in the mid 1930s.

These pieces, Weber told a reporter, were intended not only to be comfortable to sit in and use: “It is a matter, as well, of harmonizing lines and low, restful tones, and a sensation of unlimited space even in a small room.” He explained further, “I have studied how people behave, how they live when they are at home. I am interested in structural principles, not in the application of ornament.”

The sleek curving metal structure is both visually appealing and comfortable. His designs are modern and lasting, and personally, we love them!



Play Dress-Up at Furnish Green!

You may or may not know that Furnish Green has a small stock of vintage clothing.

IMG_9082We have maintained an interesting and somewhat strange assortment of items, but our current inventory has just gotten a bit more fun and feminine! We now have an extensive collection of vintage silk nighties and slips! Feel elegant and sexy as you lounge about the apartment in 1950s sleepwear. We’ve also got you covered for going out on the town!



With vintage dresses, hand bags, hats, gloves and shoes, you’ll look classy from head-to-toe. Among the new items, we have some great collectibles such as vintage hosiery and  the sweetest little handkerchiefs you ever did see.

IMG_9077Please come visit the Furnish Green showroom to peruse and purchase these items, as they will not all appear online. All items are priced between $5 and $30, so get down here ladies! Guys, these goodies will also serve as great gifts.

We got some new men’s items in! Cool vintage tees!


All clothing purchases come with a free Furnish Green tote bag!

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