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brooklyn art library

Furnish Green & The Sketchbook Project

We are happy to announce a very cool collaboration! The Sketchbook Project of Brooklyn Art Library is hosting a pop-up shop, called The Supply Closet, at the Wythe Hotel Sunday, August 24th through Saturday, August 30th. We are very excited to have been able to provide some furniture and accent pieces for the event! Head to the space to peruse a well-curated selection of sketchbooks from the Library’s extensive stock and check out some FG pieces in a unique environment.


So we took a trip to visit the “Speakeasy” style pop-up shop, and it looks great! You can pick up some art supplies while browsing through an assortment of sketchbooks. And if you’re feeling creative, purchase your own sketchbook, fill it with ideas, and submit it to have a permanent home in the Brooklyn Art Library! The Sketchbook Project has realized a truly unique concept, so head to The Supply Shop at the Wythe Hotel and learn a bit about what they do and upcoming events they’ll be hosting.

2014-08-26 02.13.49

2014-08-26 02.14.39 copy

2014-08-26 02.15.07

2014-08-26 02.16.00 copy

2014-08-26 02.17.08 copy



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