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charles pfister

Fun Furniture Fact #30: Charles Pfister for Knoll Loveseat

Sofas and loveseats, with their size and function, have a way of really setting the tone of a space. While a sofa with a loud print or unusual upholstery can make the whole room feel like a party, one with a sleek or tapered frame can provide an element of sophistication. The tasteful Charles Pfister for Knoll Tawny Loveseat has a clean, modern look and still manages to feel warm and cozy.

Charles Pfister (1940-1990) had a distinguished career as both a designer of furnishings and an interior designer. Though he may be best remembered for his innovations in corporate interiors, many of his pieces are timelessly stylish for home use. His design philosophy, in his own words, focused on “opulence without waste.”

This phrase perfectly describes the loveseat that recently arrived in the FG showroom. Part of his 1971 collection for Knoll, it’s all softness and sophistication rolled into a deceptively simple package. The upholstery is a calming golden brown, working both as a neutral tone and offering a bit of color when the light catches it. At a width of five feet, it comfortably seats two and fits well into a New York apartment.

Visit the product page for additional details on the Charles Pfister for Knoll Loveseat or stop by the showroom for a closer look and to experience its cozy embrace!


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