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Wall Art Blowout Sale: 40% off & $10 selections!

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  • When: Starting Thursday, August 16th and running for a limited time while supplies last!
  • What: 40% off all wall art! Use coupon code: workofart at checkout.
  • Where: in store and online! Plus, we have a special selection of $10 art in store only!
  • Why: We need to clear our walls for fresh inventory and there’s always room to freshen up your walls with color and design!
  • Shop: the collection

Product Spotlight: New Year, New Walls

With the new year approaching (or having just arrived, depending on when you read this), you may be making resolutions or considering what you want to change in life. Adding a few new pieces to your home is a revitalizing way to beat the middle of winter doldrums, and feel like you’ve been handed a new lease on life. What if you’ve already maxed out your available square footage? Art, mirrors, and other wall hangings can change the feel of a room without taking up an inch of precious floor space.



Look for landscapes or other outdoor scenes to enhance a sense of calmness and add color. These can range from the peaceful painted scenes of an autumnal riverbank to a sleek Lee Reynolds cityscape. Portraits and scenes of people, on the other hand, can energize and enliven a space. This Haitian oil painting of dancing women has great movement, and this friendly portrait of a mother and child radiates warmth.



If paintings aren’t your thing, vintage industrial signage may be more suited to your style. Repurposing industrial signage for the home can add a touch of humor while also offering clean iconic graphics. This Pepsi sign would suit soda lovers or commercial graphic design aficionados, while the clean typography of the “Hall For Hire” sign would look great above a doorway, and this 1950s public health poster is perfect for hanging in a bathroom.



Of course, you can hang more than just pictures and signs. Hang or mount objects like tools in your home for an unexpected twist to humdrum home decor. This antique rake offers rustic charm, while this pair of swords evokes swashbuckling adventure, and the use of color in this two-person saw gives it a cool modernist feel.



Mirrors and lights are always a functional addition, but also make spaces feel larger. Hang this large walnut mirror, this ship’s wheel mirror, or this brass orb wall-mounted light and revel in how much bigger your room can feel.


So when you’re taking down your old calendar for your shiny new 2018 one, look at your walls and see if there are any bare spots that could use a fresh wall hanging. Then head over to the Wall Hangings, Tools, Mirrors, or Wall-Mounted Lamps categories or come into the showroom to see a wide range of wonderful vintage wall adornments!

Shop Wall Hangings!


Are you walls looking bland? In New York apartments, we’re not exactly encouraged to paint our stark white walls. Our living spaces can feel a bit sterile. It’s time to make your place feel more like a home and to adorn those walls. Furnish Green has got plenty of wall hangings in an assortment of styles, from Shabby Chic to Mid Century Modern. Some artwork will bring a pop of color to a room that may otherwise be relatively dull, while hanging mirrors will bring depth to a flat wall and make a room seem larger and more open. Even empty vintage wood frames can give life to a blank wall.


We have wall hangings available for purchase online, but some of the artwork does not make it onto the website so you’ll have to come check out the walls of our showroom. Take a look at our selection HERE and don’t forget that we’ve got plenty more decorative pieces that can help you change the confines of your apartment into works of art.


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