Since opening in 2007, we've heard every question under the sun about our process, vintage and antique furniture, interior decorating, historical trivia, where to go in New York City for the best [X]... Below are answers to our most frequently asked questions that may give you a better sense of the inner workings of Furnish Green!

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I have [insert cool furniture piece] and I want to sell it. Do you buy things?

We get this a lot - most likely, the answer is no. We ONLY purchase items in North NJ, and we only purchase things in bulk, never single items. So if you’ve got a house full of furniture in North Jersey, then email us with some photos and we’ll take a look! Otherwise, it’s not a good fit but we appreciate you thinking of us.

I have [insert cool furniture piece] and I want to give it away - I just want you to pick it up! Will you?

Basically, see above - we’ve got limited enough staffing and vehicles that we cannot do any pickups outside of North Jersey, even for free.

I have [insert cool furniture piece] that I bought from you guys, will you buy it back from me?

Unfortunately no - at our price point with the volume of inventory we process on a daily basis, we aren’t able to purchase things back at all.

Why are the numbers of your prices so weird?

Since the beginning, we’ve always priced things weird numbers (AKA our prices don’t end in 5s, 9s, or 0s). We don’t really have a good answer beyond Nathan, the owner/founder of the business thinking that numbers ending in 5/9/0 are too “corporate.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Do you have more things in the store than what I see on the website?

Yes and no - all of the furniture and larger items in the store are on the website, with daily updates for all new inventory coming in. But we do have hundreds (thousands?) of smaller treasures in-store that aren’t online: knick knacks, records, books, clothing, small art, magazines, dishes, glassware...this selection is also refreshed daily, so you’re sure to spot new items every time you visit.

Where does all of your stuff come from?

We get everything from the bountiful land of North Jersey - estates, house cleanouts, garage sales, auctions, dentist’s offices, you name it!

Didn’t you used to be in a different location?

Yes we did! From 2007 through the end of 2021, we were located upstairs in an office building near Herald Square. It was a good run while it lasted, but we’ve been thrilled with the move to our ground floor storefront space on W 24th St.

I love shopping at the store, I want to go shop the warehouse! What’s it like?

Cramped! We love our warehouse but we wouldn’t use the word “shoppable” (not a word) to describe the space. If you see something on the site that’s currently at the warehouse, you can call to put down a 15% deposit to have it brought into the Manhattan store! You can also make an appointment to see specific pieces at the warehouse - this ensures that our team has time to extract the item(s) from storage and show them off assembled and ready.

How does delivery work with the items I want to buy?

We’ve got more info on local delivery options here! We don’t do any delivery outside the city; you’re welcome to arrange with a mover separately if you need further delivery than our range. We do not ship items by mail at all.


Return Policy: All sales are final and all items are sold as is. Once a piece has been purchased, it cannot be returned or exchanged (neither for store credit nor for different merchandise). All Furnish Green pieces are vintage or antique and have lived a prior life. The condition of each piece is unique due to its age and level of use. We highly recommend that you visit our shop to view a piece before purchasing it. We are not responsible for the condition of pieces after they leave our showroom. With all pieces, light reflects differently in photos and may cause a slight inconsistency with the actual color of the piece. If you purchase the piece online, we will not issue refunds based on issues with the color. Read our section on maintenance for advice on how to best care for vintage furniture, and feel free to contact us for tips on maintaining your specific piece.

Online Only Items: These pieces are located at our warehouse; they are not available to view in person. Once sold, they will arrive in our shop and be available for pickup or delivery. These pieces are all “Final Sale” so please call or email with questions or concerns prior to purchase. If you’d like to see one of these items in person, it can be brought into the showroom for a 15% deposit; if you decide not to purchase the item, the deposit amount becomes store credit that is valid for 1 year.

Hold Policy: We offer holds for a 15% deposit of a piece’s full price including tax. Holds last until the end of our next business day; if you decide not to purchase, your deposit will become a store credit that is valid for 1 year. Email, phone, or in-person correspondence does not imply a binding contract for a piece.

Storage Policy: Items purchased in full can be stored with us for up to one week from your purchase date. You must either arrange for delivery or pick up the piece prior to the end of the first week. After a week, unclaimed orders will be forfeited without refund. If you are unable to pick up within this timeframe, please contact us ASAP so other arrangements can be made. Pickups must take place during our business hours.

Design Discount: If you are a practicing interior or set designer, we may be able to offer a discount for your order upon request. Please provide us with your business card, website and appropriate tax forms and we will be happy to set you up in our system.

TV & Film: We love to work with television and film productions. If you are purchasing for a production with tax-exempt status, please call to purchase over the phone or in person, as we cannot process tax-exempt status on online purchases. Please reach out if you’re looking for something in particular, since our inventory is constantly growing.

Buying: Due to the high volume of furniture our small team is processing on a daily basis, we do not purchase from individuals.